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လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္ေသာအဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း၇

လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္ေသာအဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း၇
လက္ဆ (n) skill based on tactile sense; touch.
လက္ေဆးခြက္ (n) wash basin; finger bowl.
လက္ေဆးေရး (n) water in a fingerbowl.
လက္ေဆာ့ (v) 1 toy with things; fiddle with things./ 2 [fig] have kleptomania cal tendency.
လက္ဆက္ (v) 1 [usually of a widower] marry a kin of one’s late spouse./ 2 wed; marry.
(n) [of a boat] length of wood fixed onto the rib forming its top end.
လက္ေဆာင္ (n) present; gift.
လက္ေဆာင္ထိုး (v) bribe.
လက္ေဆာင္ျပန္ (v) give a present or gift in return. /le’ hsaun bjan/ (n) grift or present given in return.
လက္ဆစ္ (n) 1 finger joint./ 2 wrist./ 3 one finger-joint in length or depth.
လက္ဆိပ္ (n) greenthumb.
လက္ဆိပ္တက္ (v) [of plants] wither as a result of being snipped by a person who is believed to possess a poisonous touch.
လက္ဆိပ္ရွိ (v) have a greenthumb.
လက္ဆုပ္ (n) 1 clenched hand./ 2 unit of dry measure equivalent to a fistful.
လက္ဆုပ္လက္ကိုင္ (v) 1 [be caught] red-handed./ 2 beyond doubt; unquestionably./ 4 expressly.
လက္ဆံုသား (n) shoulder [of beef]
လက္ဆြဲျခင္း (n) hand-basket.
လက္ဆြဲတန္ဆာ (v) hand luggage.
လက္ဆြဲပံုး (n) pail; bucket.
လက္ဆြဲဘာဂ်ာ (n) concertina.
လက္ဆြဲမွန္အိမ္ (n) portable lantern.
လက္ဆြဲအိတ္ (n) handbag.
လက္ဆြန္း (n) unit of dry measure equivalent to half a fistful [or 200 grains of rice].
လက္ညႇိဳး (n) forefinger; index finger.
လက္ညႇိဳးထိုး (v) point one’s finger at a person or thing; finger.
လက္ညႇိဳးေထာင္ (n) give a sign of assent by raising one’s forefinger.
လက္တီး (n) roofed extension at the back of a house.
လက္တံ (n) 1 upper limb; arm; forelimb./ 2 branch of a tree or plant./ 3 hand of a clock [time piece]./ 4 engine driving shaft./ 5 branch of an irrigation canal; feeder canal.
လက္တို (n) short sleeved shirt.
လက္တိုလက္ေတာင္း (n) sundry domestic chores.
လက္တုိ႔ (n) [fig] tip off ; give notice.
လက္တက္ (n) 1 extra finger; sexidigitate digit./ 2 tributary of a river./ 3 off-shoot form a limb of a plant or a tree.
လက္ေတာက္ ( n) knobbed stick for plucking the string of a bow-like instrument used in dressing cotton.
လက္ေတာက္ခံု (n) carom board.
လက္တစ္ကမ္း (n) 1 arm’s length./ 2 [fig] within one’s reach.
လက္တစ္လံုးျခား (adv) [escape] by a hair’s breadth.
လက္တစ္လံုးျခားလိမ္ (v) pull [draw] the wool over one’s [sb’s] eyes.
လက္တည့္ (v) be a marksman.
လက္တည့္စမ္း (v) 1 try out [a gun, bow, throwing-knife, etc]./ 2 [fig] try out; experiment.
လက္တတ္ (n) skilled workman.
လက္တန္း (n) handrail.
(adv) [fig] impromptu; extempore; off the cuff [from the habit of the ad-libbing while grasping the handrail on the backdrop of the puppet stage.]
လက္တံု႔ (n) 1 give back in kind; revenge; take revenge; rebuttal./ 2 exchange of presents.
လက္တံု႔ျပန္ (v) 1 retaliate; give back in kind; revenge; take vengeance./ 2 give a present in return.
လက္ေတြ႕ (n) 1 practical experience./ 2 personal experience.
(v) get the hang of sth.
(adj) practical.
လက္တြဲ (n) 1 join hands with./ 2 ally oneself to.
လက္တြဲေခၚ (v) help sb along.
လက္တြဲျဖဳတ္ (v) part company with sb.
လက္တြင္း (n) hands; clutches.
လက္တြန္းလွည္း (n) push-cart; wheel barrow; trolley; gurney; shopping cart.
လက္ထိလက္ေရာက္ (adv) 1 [deliver] by hand directly to the hand of the addressee./ 2 [do sth] in person; [commit sth] physically.
လက္ထက္ (n) span of time associated with a personality; reign.
လက္ထက္ပြား (n) [Buddhist law] property acquired during the married life of a couple.
လက္ေထာက္ (n) 1 assistant./ 2 rising.
လက္ေထာက္ခ် (v) 1 give inside information./ 2 give inside information contributing towards the commission of a crime.
လက္ထိတ္ (n) manacles; handcuffs.
လက္ထပ္ (v) marry; web.
(adv) personally.
လက္တြန္႔ (n) hand line.

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