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ေလ နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ

ေလ နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ
ေလ၁ (n) 1 air; breeze; wind; gas or wind in the body./ 2 words; empty talk; gas [colloq]./
3 [of speaking, singing or writing] style of delivery; tone.
(v) 1 be wasted./ 2 [of wind] wander./
3 wander about aimlessly.
ေလကေတာ့ (n) whirlwind; cyclone.
ေလကာ (n) windbreak.
ေလကာမွန္ (n) windscreen; windshield.
ေလကင္း (n) flatulence.
ေလေကာင္းေလသန္႔ (n) fresh air.
ေလကုန္ (v) waste one’s words or breath.
ေလက် (v) [of winds] blow violently.
ေလေက်ာက္ခ် (v) drop anchor on the leeward side or in a place sheltered from the storm.
ေလက်င့္ထိုး (v) suffer from the sharp stabs of pain within the abdomen or the thorax.
ေလက်စ္ (v) [of gases in the abdomen] be localized.
ေလႀကီးမိုးႀကီး (n) rain storm.
ေလေၾကာ (n) 1 air current; stream of air./
2 talk [especially a windy one].
ေလႀကိဳ႕တက္ (v) hiccup; hiccough.
ေလေၾကာင္း (n) 1 direction of the wind./
2 flight path or course of an aircraft./
3. airway./ 5 aviation.
(adj) aerial.
ေလေၾကာင္းက် (v) be in a draughty spot.
ေလေၾကာင္းခ်ီ (adj) [mil] airborne.
ေလေၾကာင္းစာပို႔ (n) air mail.
ေလေၾကာင္းျပ (n) 1 aeronautical navigator. Wind vane.
ေလကြယ္ (n) lee-side; leeward side.
ေလၾကြား (n) boaster; braggart.
ေလခံ (v) 1 suffer from flatulence./
2 go for an airing.
ေလခို (v) 1 sprain. /2 [of air] be trapped./
3 [of ship] lie to; take refuge from
ေလေခါင္းအံုး (n) air pillow.
ေလခ်ဴ (v) [of air in pumps] bleed; prime.
ေလခ်ိဳ (n) 1 gentle breeze; zephyr./
2 [fig] dulcet tones.
ေလခ်ိဳေသြး (v) persuade by soft words; wheedle; soft-soap; smooth talk.
ေလခ်ဥ္ (n) gas eructated when belching.
ေလခ်ဥ္တက္ (v) belch.
ေလခ်ဳပ္ (v) suffer from retention of gases in the stomach.
ေလခၽြန္ (v) whistle.
ေလငန္း (n) paralysis [of limbs]
ေလၿငိမ္ (v) 1 [of gas in the body] subside./
2 [of wind] be calm.
ေလစၾကာ (n) pin-wheel.
ေလစာ (n) food which induces acidity.
ေလစီးေၾကာင္း (n) air current.
ေလစိုင္ (n) air mass.
ေလစစ္ (n) air filter.

ေလစုန္ (n) tailwind.
/lei soun/ (v) fart; break wind.
ေလစိမ္း (n) raw breeze.
ေလေဆး (n) carminative.
ေလဆင္ႏွာေမာင္း (n) tornado.
ေလဆန္ (v) [of gas in the abdomen] rise.
ေလဆိပ္ (n) airport.
ေလညာ (n) windward.
ေလညင္း (n) breeze; zephyr.
ေလညင္းခံ (v) go for an airing.
ေလညႊန္တံ (n) wind vane.
ေလတာ (n) wind-swept area.
ေလတံကူ (n) flatulence.
ေလတံက်င္ (n) flatulence.
ေလတံခြန္ (n) 1 kite./ 2 wind sock.
ေလတံစို႔ (n) sharp pain caused by flatulence.
ေလတက္ (v) [of gas in the abdomen] rise.
ေလတစ္လံုးမိုးတစ္လံုး (adv) [talk] with a high and mighty manner, grandiloquently.
ေလတိတ္ (v) 1 [of gas in the body] subside./
2 [of wind] be calm.
ေလတပ္ (n) air force.
ေလထ (v) 1 become windy./ 2 [of gas in the abdomen] become agitated.
ေလထီး (n) parachute.
ေလထု (n) atmosphere.
ေလထုဖိအား (n) atmospheric pressure.
ေလထိုး (v) 1 inflate [tyre, balloon, etc]; pump in air./ 2 suffer from flatulence.
ေလထိုးတံ (n) inflater [ bicycle or motor car tyre pump].
ေလထန္ (adj) windy; gusty.
ေလထြား (v) boast; brag.
ေလနာ (n) flatulence.
ေလနီၾကမ္း (n) dust storm.
ေလနိပ္ (v) [of flatulence] subside.
ေလနိမ္ (v) [of flatulence] subside.
ေလပ (n) 1 hot air./ 2 heartburn.
ေလပူထ (v) suffer form heartburn.
ေလေပးေျဖာင့္ (v) hit it off well in conversation.
ေလေပါ (n) [colloq] talkative person; gasbag wind-bag.
ေလေပါက္ (n) 1 vent./ 2 manner of saying things.
ေလပုန္း (n) 1 unexpected blast of wind./
2 fart,
ေလေပ်ာ့ (n) soft and gentle tone [of speech]
ေလေျပထိုး (v) 1 [drama] request the orchestra for an interlude./ 2 [of one of two quarreling persons] use conciliatory words.
ေလေျပသိမ္း (v) [drama] play the finale.
ေလျပည္ (n) gentle breeze; zephyr.
ေလပြ (n) suffer from flatulence.
ေလေပြ (n) whirlwind.
ေလျပြန္ (n) 1 windpipe; trachea./ 2 air duct.
ေလဖိအား (n) 1 [climatology] pressure; atmospheric pressure./ 2 air pressure.
ေလေဖာ (v) [colloq] talk a lot.
/lei bo:/ (n) oedema.
ေလဖို (n) 1 primus stove./ 2 bellows.
ေလဖမ္းဒန္းစီး (v) blow up an account of sb or sth form mere hearsay.
ေလဖ်ဥ္း (n) tympanites.
ေလျဖတ္ (v) suffer form paralytic stroke.
ေလျဖန္း (v) 1 [of a part of the body] swell [as if it were caused by internal gaseous pressure]. /2 try to gull sb by talking glibly.
ေလမိ (v) 1 [of kites] ride the current./ 2 suffer a paralytic stroke./ 3 be pleasantly caught in sb’s[captivating] scintillating talk.
ေလမီးဖို (n) air pressure stove; primus stove.
ေလမုန္တိုင္း (n) storm or cyclone.
ေလေမြ႕ရာ (n) air mattress.
ေလမႈတ္စက္ (n) compressor.
ေလယူေလသိမ္း (n) enunciation and intonation.
ေလယာဥ္္ (n) aircraft.
ေလယာဥ္ကြင္း (n) airfield; airstrip.
ေလယာဥ္တင္သေဘၤာ (n) aircraft carrier.
ေလယာဥ္ပ်ံ (n) airplane; aero plane.
ေလယာဥ္ပ်ံကြင္း (n) airfield; airstrip.
ေလယာဥ္ပ်ံဖိနပ္ (n) sandals; slippers.
ေလယာဥ္ေမာင္း (n) airline steward; male flight attendant.
ေလယာဥ္မယ္ (n) air hostess; stewardess.
ေလယာဥ္မွဴး (n) [aircraft] pilot.
ေလယပ္ (n) punkah or fan.
ေလရဟတ္ (n) 1 electric fan./ 2 windmill.
ေလ႐ူး (n) wayward or capricious wind.
ေလေရာဂါ (n) ailment caused by flatus.
ေလ႐ွဴငါး (n) lungfish.
ေလ႐ွဴျမစ္ (n) aerial root.
ေလရွည္ (v) be long-winded.
ေလလည္ (v) break wind; fart.
ေလလမ္း (n) 1 air route./ 2 [phonet] air passage.
ေလလံုးထြား (v) boast; brag.
ေလလြင့္ (v) 1 [of mind] be unstable; wander./
2 be a vagrant, tramp./ 3 go to
ေလလြင့္ပစၥည္း (n) waste.
ေလလႈိင္း (n) air wave.
ေလလွည့္ (v) break wind; fart.
ေလ၀င္ (v) sprain one’s knee, ankle or elbow.
ေလ၀င္ေပါက္ (n) (n) 1 vent./ 2 manner of saying things.
ေလသလပ္ (v) air out; give sth an airing.
ေလသာခန္း (n) balcony.
ေလသာေဆာင္ (n) open-air balcony.
ေလသာေပါက္ (n) window.
ေလသာျပတင္း (n) window.
ေလသူရဲ (n) air force pilot.
ေလေသနတ္ (n) air gun; air rifle.
ေလသံ (n) 1 sound of the blowing wind./
2 whisper./ 3 pitch or volume of
voice./ 4 tone./ 5 word[uttered];
ေလသံပစ္ (v) throw a hint.
ေလသက္ (v) fart; break wind.
ေလသိုက္ (n) lichen growing on trees.
ေလသင္တုန္း (n) 1 fabulous wind supposed to cut things into pieces like a razor./
2 paralytic stroke.
ေလသင္တုန္းျဖတ္ (v) die of a paralytic stroke.
ေလသင့္ (v) 1 be in the direction of the wind; be downwind from sth./ 2 hit it off well in conversation.
ေလသန္ (adj) 1 windy; gusty./ 2 boastful; windy [fig].
ေလသြန္ (n) [of palace] window.
ေလဟာနယ္ (n) vacuum.
ေလဟာျပင္ (n)1 open space; glade./ 2 expanse of water land, etc./ 3 open skies./ 4 [of sea] a swell.
ေလဥ (n) parthenogenetic egg.
ေလေအး (n) 1 cool or cold air./ 2 gentle tone.
ေလေအးစက္ (n) air conditioner.
ေလေအာက္ (n) downwind.
ေလ၂ (part) 1 particle suffixed to a verb, noun or another particle to convey a not of resignation./ 2 particle used as a sentence final marker to denote persuasion./3 particle used as a sentence final marker to denote emphasis.
ေလဆာေရာင္ျခည္ (n) laser beam.
ေလလံ (n) auction. [Hindu nilam]
-ေလလံေခါင္း (n) auctioneer.
-ေလလံဆြဲ (v) bid at an auction sale.
-ေလလံေစ်း (n) the highest bid [price] at an auction sale.
-ေလလံတင္ (v) put sth up for auction.
-ေလလံပစ္ (v) auction off.-ေလလံပြဲ (n) auction sale.

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