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လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း၅

လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း၅
လက္ဖေနာင့္ (n) heel of the hand.
လက္ဖမိုး (n) back of the hand; opisthenar.
လက္ဖ၀ါး (n) palm; thenar.
လက္ဖက္ (n) 1 tea plant./ 2 pickled tea leaves./ 3 pickled tea leaves mixes with other ingredients and served as a delicacy. /le’ phe’/ 4 unit of dry measure equivalent to what can be contained in a cupped hand./ 5 measure for girth of trees, pillars, etc; equivalent to what can be encircled by both arms.
လက္ဖက္ေျခာက္ (n) green tea; tea.
လက္ဖက္စား (v) [obs] [of litigants] settle a civil suit by ritual eating of pickled tea leaves together.
လက္ဖက္စို (n) pickled tea leaves.
လက္ဖက္တြန္ (n) container basket for pickled tea leaves.
လက္ဖက္ထုပ္ (n) pickled tea packet.
လက္ဖက္ထုပ္ခ် (v) invite people to a ceremony [marriage, etc] by distributing pickled tea packets.
လက္ဖက္ရည္ (n) tea [beverage].
လက္ဖက္ရည္ၾကမ္း (n) plain tea; green tea.
လက္ဖက္ရည္ဇြန္း (n) teaspoon .
လက္ဖက္ရည္အခ်ိဳ (n) tea sweetened with milk or cream.
လက္ဖ်ား (n) the additional bet to the original stakes; side bet.
လက္ဖ်ားခါ (v) 1 express amazement by flicking one’s hand vigorously./ 2 [fig] marvel; show amazement; be awed.
လက္ဖ်ားဆြဲ (v) 1 negotiate a business transaction by means of a code transmitted by the touching of the fingers between the two parties./ 2 place a side bet.
လက္ဖ်ံ (n) forearm.
လက္ေဖ်ာက္တီး (v) snap one’s fingers.
လက္ဖ်စ္ (n) sound produced by snapping one’s fingers.
လက္ဖ်စ္တီး (v) snap one’s fingers.
လက္ဖ်စ္တစ္တြက္ (n) measure of time equivalent to the duration occupied by a snap of the fingers; split second. (adv) in a flash.
လက္ေျဖာင့္ (v) be accurate in shooting. (n) [mil] sniper; sharp shooter.
လက္ျဖစ္ (n) handmade.
လက္ဖြာ (v) [fig] spend freely.
လက္ဖြဲ႔ (v) give a present on such occasions as birthdays, weddings, etc.
(n) 1 amulet to keep off evil./ 2 goodwill gift.
လက္ေဗြ (n) 1 whorl on the finger pad./ 2 fingerprint.
လက္မ (n) 1 thumb./ 2 inch.
လက္မတင္ (adv) narrowly; by the skin of one’s teeth [fig]; on the brink of [fig].
လက္မေထာင္ (v) [fig] be vainglorious; be conceited and boastful.
လက္မရြံ႕သား (n) [during monarchical times] excecutioner.
လက္မလည္ (n) [fig] have one’s hands full; be so busy with.
လက္မဲ့ (adv) empty-handed.
(adj) adjectival suffix “-less” used in forming compound words such as jobless, propertyless, powerless, lawless.
လက္မိုး (n) thwart [of a boat]
လက္ေမာင္း (n) 1 arm./ 2 sleeve of a garment.
လက္ေမာင္းအိိုး (n) 1 girth of the arm where it joins the shoulder; deltoid region./
2 armhole.
လက္မ်က္စိ (n) the protruding carpal bone.
လက္ေျမာ္ (n) young toddy palm.
လက္ေျမာက္ (v) be skilled in the crafts.
လက္ျမန္ေျချမန္ (adv) quick to act.
လက္မြန္ (n) [arch] the very beginning. (adj) first.
လက္မႈ (n) handiwork.
လက္မႈပညာ (n) art, craft or trade requiring manual skill; handicraft.
လက္မႈိင္ခ် (v) give up in despair.
လက္မွတ္စစ္ (n) ticket examiner, ticket inspector.
လက္မွတ္ထိုး (v) sign one’s name; affix one’s signature to a document.
လက္မွန္း (n) 1 snap aim./ 2 skill based on tactile sense; touch.
လက္ေမွ်ာ္ (n) young toddy palm.
လက္ေျမႇာက္ (v) [fig] give up; surrender.
လက္ယာ (n) right-hand side.
လက္ယာရံ (n) Buddha’s disciple-arhat who sits on the right flank of the Buddha.
လက္ယာရစ္ (n) closewise.
လက္ယား (v) be eager [to do sht]; have an itching for [doing sth]
လက္ယက္တြင္း (n) hands cooped waterhole.
လက္ယဥ္ (v) be a practiced hand.
လက္ယက္ေခၚ (v) beckon.
လက္ယွက္ (v) 1 press two together [as a gesture of respect or obeisance]./ 2 put two palms together with fingers interlaced.
လက္ယွက္ဆက္ (n) finger joint.

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