Wednesday, July 22, 2015

လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း-၂

လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း-၂
လက္သမား (n) carpenter.
လက္သမားေပါက္ (n) bunghole made near the waterline in the forward watertight compartment of a sampan or bateau for taking in or letting out ballast water.
လက္သာ (v) 1 be better [in sports and games involving dexterity]./ 2 be gentle of hand.
လက္သား (n) 1 servitor; follower./ 2 offshoot from the root of some plants.
လက္သားက် (v) become a practiced hand.
လက္သီး (n) fist.
လက္သီးဆုပ္ (v) close one’s fist./ (n) size of a fist.
လက္သီးပုန္း (n) underhand machination.
လက္သီးလက္ေမာင္းတန္း (v) raise one’s fist in anger or in a show of defiance.
လက္သူၾကြယ္ (n) the ring finger.
လက္ေသ (adj) set or practiced [hands].
လက္သံ (n) musical signature of a particular instrumentalist [especially string or
percussion performers].
လက္သံေျပာင္ (adj) 1 hard-htting./ 2 [of a musician’s performance] brilliant./ 3 [of satirical writing] hard-hitting.
လက္သင္ (n) 1 beginner; novice./ 2 small size ေလွာ္ကား where the trainees learn and perfect the art of plying the paddles.
လက္သင့္ (adj) [anyone or anything] at hand; handy; convenient.
လက္သင့္ခံ (v) 1 accept; receive./ 2 accommodate or harbour ab.
လက္သစ္ (n) 1 poor imitation./ 2 new and as yet untried; tyro; neophyte./ 3 finger-breadth.
လက္သည္ (n) 1 midwife [not scientifically trained]./ 2 dealer in a game of cards./ 3 author; perpetrator.
လက္သည္း (n) finger nails; claw; talon.
လက္သည္းကြင္း (n) parenthesis; round bracket().
လက္သည္းေျခသည္း (n) trusted person or
persons managing a household or a social function.
လက္သည္းခြံ (n) fingernails.
လက္သည္းေစာင္း (n) 1 nail cutter in the form of a small chisel./ 2 small chisel used by gold and silver smiths and wood carvers.
လက္သည္းညႇပ္ (n) nail clipper.
လက္သည္းထုိး (v) trim fingernails.
လက္သည္းပုပ္ (n) ingrown nail; adronyx.
လက္သည္းပြင့္ (v) [of white spots on fingernails] appear.
လက္သုတ္ပ၀ါ (n) napkin; serviette; hand towel.
လက္သန္း၁ (n) the little finger; pinkie.
လက္သပ္ေမြး (v) 1 raise as pet./ 2 [fig] groom or train someone to become one’s confidant or trusted servant.
လက္သိပ္ထုိး (adv) [fig] [dispense favour] surreptiously; under the counter.
လက္သုပ္ (n) kind of Myanmar salad prepared with condiments, vegetables, noodle, etc.
လက္သံုး (n) sth or sb one favours and relies on constantly.
လက္သံုးစကား (n) pat expression.
လက္သြား (v) 1 be skilful [in playing musical
instruments]./ 2 be prolific [in writing].
လက္ေသြး (v) endeavour to become proficient in a particular trade.
လက္သြက္ (v) 1 be deft; be dexterous./ [fig] 2 be a fast worker./ 3 be quick in seizing an opportunity.

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