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လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္ေသာအဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း၈

လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္ေသာအဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း၈
လက္ခ (n) fee or charge for services rendered.
လက္ခစား (n) workman paid by the job done; Pieceworker.
လက္ခစားနား (n) rate of payment for job done.
လက္ခေမာင္းခတ္ (v) 1 whack with an open palm over the crook of the elbow of the other arm folded across one’s chest [to throw a challenge in the Myanmar boxing ring]./ 2 [fig] show jubilation over one’s triumph.
လက္ခလယ္ (n) middle finger.
လက္ခု (n) potholder; cloth used when handling hot cooking utensils.
လက္ခံ (v) 1 accept; receive./ 2 accommodate or harbour sb.
(n) counterfoil; office copy; original copy.
လက္ခံတိုင္ (n) peripheral post of a house or building supporting the tie-beams and wall plates.
လက္ခံျဖတ္ပိုင္း (n) counterfoil of a receipt.
လက္ခက္ (v) be tardy in repaying loans, etc.
လက္ေခါက္ (n) first row of joints of the phalanx of hand.
လက္ေခါက္မႈတ္ (v) produce a whistling sound by putting the crook of a finger in the mouth and blowing.
လက္ေခါက္လက္ျပန္ (adv) 1 [strike] alternately with the palm and the back of the hand./ 2 [fig vice versa.
လက္ေခါက္လက္၀ါး (adv) interchangeably.
လက္ခတ္ (n) 1 frame of the reed in a loom./ 2 small striker or hammer used in playing some musical instruments./ 3 plectrum.
လက္ခုပ္ (n) 1 cupped hand./ 2 measure as can be contained in two cupped hands./ 3 kind of tree.
လက္ခုပ္တီး (v) clap hands.
လက္ခုပ္တစ္ေဖာင္း (n) measure equivalent to the height from the feet to the tip of the up-stretched hand.
လက္ခုပ္လက္၀ါး (adv) interchangeably.
လက္ခုပ္လက္၀ါးဆက္ (n) 1 straight halved joint./ 2 notched joint.
လက္ခုပ္လက္၀ါးတီး (v) clap hands.
လက္ခုပ္သီး (n) 1 fruit of kind of tree./ 2 pulley block.
လက္ခုပ္ၾသဘာေပး (v) cheer or applaud by clapping hands.
လက္ခံု (n) back of the hand.
လက္ခ် (v) [obs] give up.
လက္ခ်ညီ (v) be in unison [in doing things].
လက္ခ်ဳိး (v) crack one’s knuckles. (n) artistic movements of the hands in Myanmar dancing.
လက္ခ်ဳိးေရ (v) count by crooking one’s fingers.
လက္ခ်က္ (n) perpetration; someone’s hand in a certain misdeed.
လက္ေခ်ာင္း (n) finger; digit [of animal].
လက္ခ်ည္းသက္သက္ (adv) empty handed.
လက္ခ်ိတ္ (n) hand woven fabric with wavy pattern.
လက္ခ်ပ္ (n) wooden castanets.
လက္ခ်ဳပ္ (n) hand-sewn garment.
လက္ျခား (n) digitate leaves.
လက္ေျခမၿငိမ္ (adj) light-fingered; thievish; kleptomaniacal.
လက္ျခစ္ (n) vegetable shredder with handle.
လက္ခြ (n) 1 cleft between fingers./ 2 pronged hand tool used in digging up peanuts.
လက္ခြအိုး (n) arm-hole of a dress.
လက္ငင္ပံုး (n) pail for drawing water from a well.
လက္ငင္း (adv) at once; immediately; at the present time. (n) cash-payment.
လက္ငုတ္ (n) 1 family trade./ 2 work left to be carried on by a successor.
လက္ငုတ္လက္စ (n) work left to be carried on by a successor.
လက္ငုတ္လက္ရင္း (n) family trade.
လက္ငယ္တည္ (v) cook rice in a small pot to suit the needs of a small family.
လက္စက (n) work begun and yet to be completed.
လက္စႀကီး (n) large handful.
လက္စႂကြင္း (n) unfinished piece of work.
လက္စတံုး (v) 1 dispose of finally./ 2 exterminate; finish off.
လက္စေဖ်ာက္ (v) 1 destroy all traces of evidence./ 2 dispose of finally./
exterminate; finish off.
လက္စလက္န (n) 1 one’s ability or skill./ 2 handiwork.
လက္စသတ္ (v) finish or complete sth; give a finishing touch to a piece of work.
လက္စသတ္ေတာ့ (int) interjection used when one finally comes to realize the truth about sth.
လက္စသိမ္း (v) conclude; finish; end
လက္စားေခ် (v) avenge; take revenge.
လက္စားလိုက္ (v) contribute labour on a reciprocal basis [in a rural community]
လက္ေစာင့္ (n) 1 close associate; helpful companion./ 2 sundry items kept in reserve for emergencies.
လက္ေစာင့္ေျခေစာင့္ (n) sundry items kept in reserve for emergencies.
လက္ေစာင္း (n) edge of the palm; ulnar side of the hand.
လက္ေစာင္းထက္ (v) surpass; outdo; outshine.
လက္စဥ္း (v) prowess.
လက္စည္း (n) 1 tight cuff./ 2 wristlet.
လက္စံုမိုး (v) make a reverential gesture with the two palms touching each other and raised above the forehead.
လက္စြဲ (n) 1 servitor at hand or in waiting./ 2 constant companion./ 3 handbook; manual.
လက္စြပ္ (n) ring worn on the finger.
လက္စြပ္လဲ (v) exchange rings to symbolize betrothal.
လက္စြမ္း (v) dexterity; skill.
လက္စြယ္ (n) 1 corner edge of a finger nail./
2 corner end of a building, cart, etc./
3 flank of an advancing troop.
လက္စြယ္ငုပ္ (v) [of finger nail] grow inward; have an ingrown finger nail.

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