Wednesday, July 22, 2015


လွည္း ၁ (n) 1 cart (animal drawn or manually operated vehicle)./ 2 bullock cart.
လွည္းေကာက္ (v) harness draught cattle to cart.
လွည္းက်ိဳးထမ္း (v) [fig] marry a woman carrying another man’s child.
လွည္းႀကမ္း (n) heavy duty bullock cart.
လွည္းေၾကြ (n) paddy grain left strewn on a cart carrying paddy sheaves.
လွည္းငံုးတို (n) bullock cart with the bare frame only (used for conveying logs).
လွည္းစာ (n) 1 kind of grease for cart wheel axles./ 2 kind of tree. Lagerstroemia tomentosa.
လွည္းတပ္ (n) column of bullock carts. (v) harness draught cattle to cart.
လွည္းေထာက္ (n) forked prop placed under the yoke of a bullock cart, either to give the oxen temporary relief, or when they are unhitched.
လွည္းထုပ္ (n) forward transverse member of the payload compartment of a bullock cart.
လွည္းေနာက္ၿမီး (n) rear end of a bullock cart.
လွည္းဖေနာင့္ (n) iron type of cart wheel.
လွည္းမီးခ် (v) heat iron type and fit on the cart wheel.
လွည္းၿမီး (n) rear end of a bullock cart.
လွည္းယဥ္ (n) fancy bullock cart for passenger service only.
လွည္းလမ္းေၾကာင္း (n) cart wheel tracks or ruts.
လွည္း၀ိုင္း (n) bullock carts camped in a circle at fairground, market, pagoda festival, etc.
လွည္းသန္ (n) shaft, thill (of a bullock cart).
လွည္းဦး (n) 1 front portion of a cart./ 2 place where shaft and yoke intersect.
လွည္းဦးပြတ္ (n) (of bullock cart) place where two shafts converge.
လွည္း ၂ (v) sweep.လွည္းက်င္း (v) sweep thoroughly.

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