Wednesday, July 22, 2015

လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း-၃

လက္နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ ့အဂၤလိပ္စာ- အပိုင္း-၃
လက္လီ (n) retail.
လက္လီစိတ္ (v) 1 do things bit by bit or piecemeal./ 2 do things in detail.
လက္လုပ္ (adj) handmade.
လက္လုပ္ခ်ဥ္ (n) pickles.
လက္လုပ္လက္စား (n) worker earning a bare living.
လက္လြတ္ (v) 1 lose [chance, possession, property, etc]./ 2 be free of responsibility (adv) empty-handed.
လက္လြတ္စပယ္ (adv) irresponsibly.
လက္လြန္ (v) 1 go beyond the limit [usually used when such action causes death]./ 2 be beyond retrieval, redemption.
လက္လြယ္ (adj) generous; liberal in giving; open-handed.
လက္လွည့္ (n) 1 tuning peg, wrest pin [of string instruments]./ 2 sleight of hand.
လက္လွည့္သင့္ (adj) handy; accessible.
လက္လွည့္သံုး (n) temporary loan.
လက္လႈပ္ (n) [arch] trigger [of a gun].
လက္လွမ္း (v) reach for sth. (n) 1 reach./ 2 fork stick used for drawing and positioning the warp threads from the spool.
လက္လွမ္းမီ (v) 1 be within reach; be at arm’s length./ 2 [fig] be within the compass of one’s comprehension.
လက္ေလွ်ာ့ (v) give up; stop trying; admit defeat.
လက္လွ်ိဳ (v) suffer for intervening in a quarrel.
လက္လႊဲ (v) 1 swing one’s arm./ 2 hand over; delegate [duty, powers, etc].
လက္လႊဲေရာင္း (v) sell off [estate, property, right, etc] without going through the usual routine.
လက္လႊတ္ (v) 1 let go sth which is in one’s possession; relinquish./ 2 cease taking further responsibility; wash one’s hands off./ 3 give up; stop trying.
လက္၀ါး (n) 1 palm [of the hand]./ 2 handbreadth.
လက္၀ါးကာ (n) [arch] trigger guard.
လက္၀ါးကပ္တုိင္ (n) the cross; the crucifix.
လက္၀ါးႀကီးအုပ္ (v) [fig] monopolize.
လက္၀ါးေစာင္း (n) edge of the hand on the ulnar side.
လက္၀ါးေစာင္းခုတ္ (v) chop with the edge of the hand.
လက္၀ါးျဖန္႔ (v) [fig] beg for sth the edge of the hand.
လက္၀ါး႐ိုက္ (v) [fig] 1 have a prior understanding./ 2 prearrange.
လက္ေ၀ခံ (v) [fig] 1 be dependent upon sb’s largesse./ 2 accept someone’s patronage. (n) person who receives handouts.
လက္ေ၀စာ (n) handout.
လက္၀ဲ (n) 1 left, as opposed to the right./ 2 leftist.
လက္၀ဲရံ (n) Buddha’s disciple-arhat who sits on the left flank of the Buddha.
လက္၀ဲရစ္ (n) anticlockwise.
လက္၀ဲလမ္းပညာ (n) the art of black magic.
လက္၀တ္လက္စား (n) jewellery.
လက္ေ၀ွ႔ (n) boxing.
လက္ေ၀ွ႔ထုိး (v) box.
လက္၀ွက္ (v) conceal one’s skill.

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